I wanted to write to say thank you for the SEM curriculum as well as the advice and experiences you shared at the many meetings I attended. I am happy to report that I have accepted a position at Honda of America Manufacturing Inc. as a full-time Production Associate. The knowledge I gained from the SEM meetings was very helpful for me in not only finding this job but also in preparing me to interview successfully.

George Cifrancis

Hello Tom,
This is my first time through the program and am pleased to inform you that I have been very fortunate to be one of the many success stories it has produced. The information that I have learned the past few months have not only helped me to secure employment, it has also helped me in every day life. I look forward to continuing on with the class and getting as much out of it as possible. Thank you so much for the hard work you have put into this.

Best regards,
Richard Kapff


Per our conversation last week, I took what I have learned so far from your Stewardship Employment Ministry and I got a great job — Programmer/Analyst 2 for the State of Ohio. I started work today! Praise the Lord! God is Good!

This is what I did:

I changed my attitude. It all started with you telling me “Let the past go and move on”. I needed to be told that. I felt better about myself and my future.
I worked with my networking folks to identify and apply for open positions that I would not have seen on my own.
I learned everything I can via the About Me. I connected on several items. I found that I really liked the division I would be working for.
I did a Comparative Worksheet which confirmed I met 80% of the requirements. I believed I was the ideal candidate! It also gave me great talking points if I got an interview.
My networking friend encouraged HR take a look at my resume which further helped me. He gave me pointers on what to expect from an interview standpoint since I had not been on very many interviews. This eased my anxiety.
During the interview, I was confident. I used the Comparative Worksheet and the things I connected with the company on. I took good notes, answered their questions thoroughly, and I asked my own questions to show them I was very interested in them.
After the interview, I sent an “appreciation email” to all of those involved. I wanted them to know I appreciated their time interviewing me.
I was truly excited and blessed when they chose me as the final candidate! I really believe in what you teach. It is important. It changed me.

Please continue this ministry. I will recommend others to attend. I will also make a donation when I receive my first paycheck. I appreciate you!

Marshall Bowden

Hello Brother Nann,

Thank you for your talent and expertise in blessing those of us who have been seeking employment. Your program is a testament to God’s grace in using your talents to help so many others.

Thanks to your guidance and teaching, I’d found work as a full-time contractor/freelancer at the in-house ad agency at Abbott Nutrition for more than a year. I have now just been hired full-time at Chase Bank’s in-house advertising agency.

God bless you and all those in your program. He is faithful and true to those who seek Him.

Vivat Jesu,

David Ayscue III
Delaware, OH

Tom –

Thank you for joining us at our last Parish Council meeting.

As I mentioned to you at the meeting, my current position at Intek, Inc. was the result of attending the job fair held in the Fall of 2012. I met several good employer prospects resulting in three interviews. Interestingly, Marilyn Harpster of Intek overheard my conversation with another employer and approached me as they were packing up to leave. I did not speak with her in my first pass through the exhibitors (a huge oversight on my part and a lesson learned!).

I was hired by Intek in December of 2012 as Sales & Marketing Manager. I had been looking for a position for about a year and a half up to that point.

Thank you for the great work you are doing and your passion for this ministry.

Best regards,

Tony Bonina
Account Sales & Marketing Manager
Intek, Inc.

Dear Tom,

I wasn’t with you long on Monday nights, but I just accepted a new position at Chase. Even though it is a lateral move, I owe my success to your ministry, particularly with regard to the interview process!

Thanks so much! God bless you!

Curtis Baker

Dear Tom and Employment Ministry fellows,

I have accepted a position with Olentangy Schools as a direct result of finding my best fit through your program. The program has taught me, after years of applying for the wrong jobs in the wrong way, how to correct those errors, leading to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The new improvements and psychological chapter study has been phenomenal. The religious foundation to your work has been a tremendous support and inspiration.

Dan Lauria ( St. Paul Chapter).


I have accepted a direct hire position as a Solution Architect with Motorists Insurance Group, starting next Monday, 7/18.

I plan to participate in tonight’s meeting.

I appreciate all of your help and guidance in preparing me for the job search process, allowing me to be successful in my quest for a new position


John Ortman

Hi Tom,

I’ve been searching on and off for a full time position for several years and fortunately secured one. I feel that the ministry: yourself, Deacon Carl, and the other participant’s, provided much needed structure and guidance through my job search. Especially, as I started negotiating the final offer (you’ll be happy to hear – extra vacation and higher starting salary). The encouragement and feedback that I received from the group made all the difference in my success.

I’d like you to know that your stewardship makes a difference and is much appreciated.



I accepted the position and they are a fantastic organization. The environment was exactly what I was looking for. I found the job on LinkedIN. I did everything I had been doing for the past year with no success. I am trained in career coaching and knew many of the best practices but was struggling to find a position myself. I tried networking, research, job boards, job groups, etc over the past year and the place I found the job was LinkedIN. I guess I was finally at the right place at the right time, and had picked up some great pointers from your meetings.

The company was looking for someone to complement an existing team. They didn’t have anyone with a banking background and liked that I had worked with a variety of clients. I think that they liked that I left the comparative worksheet with them when I left the interview and reviewed it during the interview. Of course I took notes during the interview, and followed up with a thank you, however, I had done that many times before with no results.

At the time I started coming to St. Paul’s, I was beginning to give up and think I would never get a job. Your group gave me the confidence and jump start I needed to keep going. I liked that the group met every week and we didn’t have to spend time doing elevator speeches like other groups. The format of the meeting helped me to get focused and reflect on the progress of my job search.

Thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend your group and will try to come back for a visit. I am still interested in hearing you share more of your wisdom. I will pass leads along as I learn about them.

Shawn Garrett

Hi Tom,

I am a “recent graduate” of the SEM program, and I writing to let you know that I have been happily employed for three months now, thanks in large part to the help and advice I received at SEM meetings over the past year and a half. I am working part-time as a project manager for a company that sells orthodontic equipment, and everything about the job is a perfect fit. When I first noticed the job listed in the newspaper want ads and did my research on it, I immediately realized that I would be the “ideal candidate.” And indeed it has worked out that way!

Thank you for the practical, “real world” teaching that you and Deacon Carl have been doing there at SEM. The SEM Job Search Ladder is quite reliable as a means of organizing (and sticking with!) the job search, and the experience that you and Deacon Carl bring to the meetings is priceless. You helped me immensely in finding what I was looking for. Thank you for your commitment to this ministry!! You are helping so many people find meaningful employment, and I am personally very grateful for all that I learned at SEM.

Blessings to you all for your wonderful work!




After 10 months of being out of work, I finally have full time employment. I have accepted a position working with those that have addictions and mental health challenges and I credit you and your program with my ability to interview well. I came back from my trip down-under with my brother feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the job market that had been eluding me, with a new perspective. Within one week, I had two calls for interviews and a job offer that opened up a world of opportunity to use my education and experiences.

Thank you for your encouragement and the time you spent teaching all of us how to sell ourselves. I now have a newfound confidence in my abilities and what I have to offer. That is a gift more valuable than any paycheck … though the paycheck comes in real handy.

Bless you for your work. It makes a difference in us all.

Lee Kitts


I am employed full-time now; I work for Garden City Group; they are the administrator of the GM Ignition class-action settlement.

Thank you for what you are doing.

Peace and Blessings,


Hi Tom,

Just a quick note to let you know that I have recently taken a Senior Project Manager/Construction Manager position with a Columbus based design/build firm.

I want to Thank You and Deacon Carl for all of your direction and encouragement that you provided to me as I reentered the Job Search Process earlier this year. The best advice I think that I got from you was to “keep working the process…the Ladder”. It works. “Just need to get up EVERy DAY and keep at it!” Not giving up… “Continue to connect with your contacts… Old and New…”

It’s all about timing. For me, I had many, many interviews… But no job offer for many months.

PATIENCE is important, too. You reminded me that employers hire people on THEIR TIMELINES….NOT on mine. (This was difficult to accept…but it finally paid off for me.)

I believe that I landed at a solid and grounded company. Like yourself, I am traveling a bit… but that’s A-OK! It’s nice to have more income than outflow of dollars every month—And I know that I still have a lot to offer.

Thanks again for your efforts…and the Ministry that you established. You have been a blessing to so many. Please give my thanks and regards to Deacon Carl.

God Bless You!


Hi Tom,

I wanted you to be one of the first to hear that I found a job. I’m returning to Cigna on 7/14. I still can’t believe it; they just made me an offer this evening. It all really happened quickly, I received a call from a director that I had networked with a few months back asking if I was interested in working for her. I will be back doing third party audits but for the pharmacy side this time. I’m every excited to be able to go back and get all of my years service, benefits, etc. reinstated.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoyed your work group. It was such a pleasure getting to know you. I learned so much and I’m sure that those skills were key in my success with this job. You are a true gift from God and I will be forever grateful for your support, prayers, teachings and friendship. Like I have told you before, it was a pleasure going to your meeting as I knew that I would leave much more positive and ready for the job search ahead of me each week. I can’t say enough about what you and your work meant to me. Thank you just isn’t enough.

Thanks for all you do!


Hi Tom!

Good news… I got the job! I really appreciate all of your help and support while finding a nursing job! I learned so much from you and I truly can’t THANK you enough 🙂 Your ministry is truly a blessing!


To those in the Stewardship Employment Ministry and especially Tom:

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play them better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein

I was reaching a serious low as I approached my second round of unemployment. The first one (after 36 years of service) left me mentally depressed and financially unsound, and I just couldn’t do it again.

While registering to become a member of OLPH, I was told of this wonderful service available to the unemployed. I was very excited to try it out as the method I was using was not getting me anywhere.

The information that I learned from Tom while attending his ministry at OLPH gave me the tools and the confidence to approach the search in a successful manner. I was prepared to apply for these jobs and not be intimidated by the interview. I utilized the comparative qualities worksheet. I WAS now in control.

In a nutshell- Tom lives and breathes this ministry, he believes in us, and I am proof of his success. I am not too old, I am not overqualified. I am the IDEAL candidate for the position! And as of May 5th, 2014, I am employed!

Please join me in supporting him in the continued success of this ministry by “paying it forward” and financially helping the ministry continue!

God bless!


Dear Tom,

This note is to express my appreciation for all you have provided me throughout your Stewardship Employment Ministry (SEM). Not only have I recently gained employment, but a tremendous change in how I see myself as a person and what I can accomplish.

Many prayers to you and your family for all the time and support you give everyone. No matter the distance, length of time, or additional assistance required, your students can always count on you. This is including any personal issues that may arise. Major or minor, you are always there or at least in close contact. Have never had the opportunity to meet or learn numerous lessons from someone with such an outstanding approach! Your encouragement, determination, and spiritual guidance are truly a blessing that should be acknowledged to say the least.

Know I will continue to introduce SEM to those in need of information, growth, and search for employment. Your ministry will by all means continue to grow with lucky people as I.

God bless.

(Name withheld)

I started attending the SEM seminar last year thinking that I might need it someday and I could use some pointers in the interview process and maybe touch up my resume.

I guess God was already telling me something because a few weeks after I started attending SEM, the company that I was working for announced massive layoffs. They were going to close our division here in Columbus, Ohio and move all operations to Dallas, Texas. The company is giving us about three months before they would start the layoffs so I had some time to look for a new job and learn as much as I can with this seminar.


Dear Tom and Deacon Carl,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For your help and encouragement in my search for a new position. I am happy to announce that Bethesda Healing Ministry and I have reached an agreement. I will begin working for the association on or about January 6, 2014, as their Moderator (Executive Director).

When I attended the first session with Deacon Carl, I felt out of touch with employment opportunities including the belief that my 55 years would be a detriment. Thanks to his kindness and insistence that what mattered was being the ideal candidate who answers the need of the employer, I took the risk to place applications including the application to BHM – an opportunity which I found in an email from Tom. Deacon Carl also brought to our attention in a session with three other job seekers the importance of knowing what it is that you are looking for – “decide what you want to do!” That was excellent advice.

I wanted a position in which I could use my education – I have a BSN and MA in Theology – I wanted to work for the Catholic Church in a way that would benefit the suffering soul. As the Moderator for Bethesda Healing Ministry I will be able to be a part of setting the circumstances for women who are suffering from a past abortion to come to a quiet place and receive the gentle care they need to help them find their way to God and his unconditional forgiveness.

Here we have the success story: Thank you Deacon Carl! Your guidance and encouragement helped me find my courage and decide the best direction for me. Thank you Tom! The Employment Ministry Job Posting helped me find the position for which I was indeed, “the ideal candidate!”

As a lead, and I know they have been to past job fairs, Mount Carmel is almost always looking for help, medical and administrative. It might be a really good thing for job seekers interested in a career in medicine to keep an eye on Mount Carmel’s job postings.

I wish both you and your families a Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.

God Bless!

(Name withheld)

Dear Rev. Msgr. John Cody,

I would like to take this opportunity to share a Praise Report.

I lost my full-time employment; my sister informed me of the Stewardship Employment Ministry (SEM) (Tom Nann) at St. Paul’s in Westerville OH.

I attribute my success story in finding full-time employment to Mr. Nann and the methodologies taught in the SEM; I attended the seminars on-site at St. Paul’s as well as through the webinars. It has been an arduous journey (physically and mentally); I’m grateful for the positive and encouraging meetings that helped me keep my focus.

Mr. Nann provided guidance on all aspects associated with a career campaign: Each meeting started with an opening prayer that was very positive and encouraging that lifted my spirit each week. The curriculum covered references to professionals that provided assistance with refining one’s resume, researching companies, job fair preparation and strategies, employment opportunities, networking, interview techniques (phone and face-to-face) and post-interview follow-up.

I hope that the Catholic Diocese of Columbus and St. Paul’s continue to support this ministry. Tom is an outstanding mentor, friend, brother-in-Christ and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to have shared the same path with him and those in the ministry.



Dear Msgr. Cody,

As we head into the season of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to let you know one of the blessings in my life that I am extremely appreciative of is the Stewardship Employment Ministry, and all of the help provided by Mr. Tom Nann, the President and CEO. I understand that you are on the Board for this Ministry so wished to make you aware of how much of a difference Stewardship Employment Ministry made in my job search.

During the last year, I have lost not one, but two jobs. One of my dear friends who attends St. Christopher’s (as do I), told me of the Stewardship Employment Ministry. I attended both the sessions held at St. Margaret of Cortona church and the on-line session held Wednesday evenings, originating from Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Grove City. The helpful hints on staying positive and presenting oneself in the best possible way at interviews, as well as the overall morale building provided by the weekly ministry sessions, was extremely helpful. Sometimes when I hadn’t had a good week and was feeling “down” about employment opportunities, the opening prayer read by Tom was enough to renew my hope and spirit.

Monsignor Cody, I am so grateful for the support received from this ministry and thankful to God for my new employment opportunity. I hope that St. Christopher’s and the Catholic Diocese of Columbus will continue to support this Ministry as so many are still feeling the impact of the economic tough times of recent years and can use all the help they can get in obtaining re-employment. This is especially true for folks in my age division (over 50), which in general, is not the target demographic of many employers. Again, Tom is a terrific “cheerleader” for all in the program and offers worthwhile suggestions on how to best move on from unemployment. Often, through his contacts or from others who were assisted by the Ministry, Tom shared potential job opportunities which were appreciated. I will also pass along opportunities to share when I learn of them in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please know I will be praying for the continued success of this amazing Ministry. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Karen Freeman

During our first session [Tom Nann] directed us to use a Comparative Worksheet instead of a cover letter with a resume’. You’re a genius! I am proof that it really works. While on Linked In I noticed that a company I had been researching posted a position I wanted. I hadn’t prepared a resume yet, and didn’t want to delay in responding so I typed up a Comparative Worksheet and submitted it along with my online application. Within 3 days I was invited to their company for an interview. They actually said that they were looking forward to meeting with me!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and giving us the tools we need to be successful.

Hugs and Blessings,

Cindy Miller

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City

I learned from the April 4, 2013, job fair at St. Paul Parish about Stewardship Employment Ministry from Tom Nann. I started coming to the Tuesday meetings after a 2 year period of unemployment where I was receiving phone calls but no interviews. I figured my resume wasn’t my problem since it was providing me with leads. I learned how the current job market is trying to weed out candidates and find the best candidate for the job. I learned in the class about a Comparative Worksheet in which at added to my resume.

I believe that the information taught at the Stewardship Ministry can and will help others find employment. It offered great insight into my job search. It helped me change the way I interviewed with companies and I ultimately secured a great job. I will be starting my new job in a week at a stable company within my field of expertise.

Kudos to you Thomas Nann,

Bob Ellis

The Stewardship Employment Ministry gives you a clear picture on how close or far away you are from finding a job suited to your abilities. You will usually find, as in my case, that it’s not that you aren’t the ideal candidate for the job you want, it’s just that the employer isn’t understanding why you are, because you most likely aren’t delivering the message correctly. I was able to land a much better job because I showcased my talents in a way the employer understood me, which was critical in this highly competitive market.

Dan Lauria

What Woody was to OSU is what Thomas is to this ministry and to those who have lost all hope. I wouldn’t have known of Thomas let alone his ministry if I didn’t attend an unemployment retreat in Columbus sometime in September 2010. I found his information in the packet provided at the retreat. Read through it and considered to make contact.

October 2010, we spoke for about a good hour via teleconference. After discussing my situation and whereabouts, I could tell he was concerned of the drive (yes, I, 2 hour drive one way from Canton). I worked in Columbus and lived 15-30 minutes away from downtown in 2004-08. I made it home, made friends, made a career (or close to it) and made a life. That “happiness” was ruined by an employer, to remain nameless, due to company/department restructuring. I took on a PT teaching job that Summer/Fall 2008 while maintaining to stay in the Columbus area. I had to move away for another job in late 2008 which by 1/3 into 2009, the company went into Chapter 11 and I was unemployed April 2010. I closed my freelance business in June 2010 (which I started in Columbus in 2007) thanks to the economy. As of early March 2011, I took up a temp-to-perm position that is one hour close to the city I call ‘home’. I consider that acceptable for that was my goal after what happened in 2009.

What Thomas provides is honesty, mentoring and leadership. Name 3 to 5 other groups, employment/career centers, headhunters, etc. that can top that! Thomas has much faith, esteem, confidence in this ministry and in the people who currently attend as well as those who support after using the tools lectured. Not to say I have faith, esteem, confidence, however, it won’t top Thomas.

Somewhere down the road of life, there better be some statue or form of recognition that will show the next group that has lost hope to lead by example of Thomas Nann.

Lastly, I hope to return the favor via volunteering, annual donations and/or occasional visits for support later in 2011.

Ray Brahler
Graphic Designer

Don’t Doubt This Thomas! He is a Knight in Shining Armor to the Unemployed.

Unless you have had to look for a new job in the last 10 years, you do not know what a job search is really like today. It is a terribly lonely place. We are 21st Century LEPPERS; the people that our communities have forgotten.

By the time I went to my first unemployment ministry meeting and met Thomas, I had been unemployed through no fault of my own for 19 consecutive months. During this time I felt so shunned by society and we were so pitifully broke that my husband and I felt like two skid row bums who had hit rock bottom–AND I DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL (praise God for that or we’d really be in trouble). Still, when I sat down at the meeting at St. Margaret’s that first night I felt like I should introduce myself–“Hello. My name is Mrs. Nobody and I’m an Unemployable Unemployaholic.”

I was skeptical when I went to my first meeting…I mean, here we have some big guy who used to play football on my favorite college team, telling us all these things about job interviewing, that just didn’t seem like these things would apply to people who were unemployed college-degreed professionals….But, we prayed the ministry prayer together and then I heard Thomas say: “I wish it wasn’t so but the truth be known unfortunately most of today’s hiring and firing decisions are based on corporate FEAR and GREED.”

One month after meeting Thomas and Darryl, I was in a job interview for a job that would use my abilities and would be within commuting range. And by Christmas, I had passed all of the tests, fingerprints, background investigations, and physical fitness and medical evaluations–and was offered a full-time position teaching 4 and 5 year old children to read, write, draw, paint, sing, dance and perform again.

I just started teaching again last week and couldn’t be happier….And, the phone calls, interviews, and job offers keep coming in…pretty soon, we’ll be able to pay our bills again! And after that, we might be able to donate to this ministry! That would be awesome.

I appreciate you and your ministry very much! Your efforts and time have been a life saver….If there is anyone out there who needs help finding a job–you might want to give one of Thomas’ “UNEMPLOYEE ANONYMOUS MEETINGS” a try. I am sure you will benefit greatly!

WCG, M.A./Ed.
Recovering Employed Unemployaholic

If you are serious about looking for a job or a new career, the Stewardship Ministry is the place to learn and grow. You should invest the time in Tom’s ministry. You will be greatly rewarded.

The job market being as it is, just knowing people won’t get you the job. You have to be prepared. The preparation is so much different these days. Tom’s ministry helps the group to understand how it is NOW. He gives you all the information and tools needed. It is up to you to use them and succeed. He will help you in anyway he can. His direct approach is refreshing (maybe a little intimidating at first) but needed to get people moving. When one is looking for a new position, it is a very difficult time. We sometimes need a push to wake us up and to help us to get going. Tom will provide that to anyone who is open and willing to work. One has to be very serious in these times to find a new position. There is so much competition out there. He helps us to set ourselves apart from the crowd. That is what is needed in today’s job search.

Thank you, Tom for all of the hard work and sacrifices which you make. I have learned so much and greatly appreciate it. I have landed a job and know that it wouldn’t have been possible without your ministry.

I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers as you continue to help others.

MaryAnn Lancaster

If you have difficulty saying you are “the ideal candidate” in your job search you need coaching. I highly recommend Tom Nann and the Stewardship Employment Ministry for anyone that wants to learn how to position themselves to be successful looking for a job. Tom teaches how to research a company, network, write a cover letter (or not), and, most importantly, be successful during an interview. While attending the weekly meetings with Tom I received both training and the confidence to esteem myself as the “ideal candidate” in my job search. In this economic environment the pressures to succumb to all the negativity while being unemployed is difficult but Tom teaches how to keep the negativity out and let your quality and experience be what stands out in your job search. My job search lasted only four months having secured the first and only serious position I found during that time. Also I have a whole new perspective to help advance myself in the future. After all, I have learned how to present myself as the “ideal candidate” for any position I want.

Greg Hutt

Persons finding themselves in career transition should consider Tom Nann and the Stewardship Employment Ministry as a resource. Tom brings a passion to the Ministry that is genuine, deep, and enabling. As a part of the Ministry, I found support, guidance, spiritual renewal, and constructive criticism.

Clearly, Tom is dialed into an approach every person seeking new employment should avail themselves of. The program takes up interviewing skills, resume writing, use of Internet resources, job fair, and networking approaches. And it is all done so that every person that comes into the Ministry enjoys success in their career pursuits.

The capabilities provided by Tom Nann are something every job seeker should consider.

Christopher M. O’Daniel

I heard about the Employment Ministry through the St. Paul Job Fair I attended on August 5, 2010. I was a year into my search for employment, and was not getting calls or interviews. I decided to give the Employment Ministry a chance, and attended the next meeting.

I met Tom Nann, and was initially a little intimidated by his direct approach. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I appreciated his honesty and passion for helping others through this tough process. Tom provides real-life scenarios, and the best advice on how to communicate with employers. I went from not getting calls to getting more than I could keep up with. These calls led to interviews, and I just accepted my current job 2 weeks ago.

The people I met through the ministry are a great, supportive group, who really want the best for each other. Tom is a great leader, but he also has a great team to support him with advice on creating effective resumes and career coaching. I am extremely blessed to have been a part of this ministry, and highly recommend it to anyone seeking assistance in his or her search for employment.

LaShon Gordon

I met Tom Nann a few months ago. We talked about the Stewardship Employment Ministry. I was impressed, so much so that I immediately volunteered my services. As a staffing professional, I know how hard it is to be looking for employment in our current economical environment. The competition for jobs has never been greater.

It is clear to me that in founding this ministry, Tom has created a successful avenue for those unemployed or underemployed to become fully employed. Tom’s passion and dedication is evident by creating a program that works. In attending the Educational Meetings, I have seen firsthand how the invaluable information and guidance that Tom presents not only gives the right steps for obtaining a job but also builds confidence and hope for all those in group.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my expertise in resume creation and interviewing techniques to those in this program. The Stewardship Employment Ministry is by far the best program I have seen for helping those in need of gainful employment.

Aileen Wellwood-Brown, Partner, Empowering Personnel, LLC

I moved to Columbus in September of 2008 for my husband’s job. Our kids were both away at college and I began my search for a new job. I had been in pharmaceutical sales for 19 years and my last company, Wyeth, had just disbanded our sales force on April 1, 2008. I discovered the Employment Ministry Group in October of 2008. I found the group to be just what I needed to keep me and my job search going from week to week. I met so many different people from all levels of employment. It was great because they knew what I was going through and no matter what anyone says to you, unless they’ve been through a job loss themselves, they just don’t get it. Sometimes the Tuesday night meetings were what kept me going from week to week.

Tom Nann made me realize that the job I interviewed for was mine to lose and also to be passionate about it. If I couldn’t be passionate about the job, I probably shouldn’t be going after it. The interview questions and answers were invaluable and the connections other people had were also very helpful. We cheered each other on when someone got hired and cheered each other up when someone didn’t get the job. I am so grateful for the Employment Ministry Group and for the friends I met there! I highly recommend the group!

Nancy Papa, Account Manager, Senior Independence Home Health & Hospice

One day before New Year’s Eve, with no advance notice, I got laid off from a job of almost six years due to the economy. It was a scary time. I was given Tom’s name and the name of St. Paul’s church from a friend who had an article about their job fairs and how many people have ended up with full-time employment out of those resources.

So I gave Tom a call and we met at Starbucks. He was very positive and encouraging. He pointed out things to avoid in interviews and things to focus on. Because of his influence, and my hard work, and the grace of God, I landed a dream job close to my house four months later. Tom is someone who never tires of doing job fairs as a way of serving the Lord, and we are a richer community for his presence here. A lot of people who have been out of work for a long time find encouragement in the weekly meetings offered at his church, and the job fairs are a continuing ministry.


The Stewardship Employment Ministry is a top notch organization for men and women that are unemployed or underemployed. How do I know this? I know because I’ve been in this situation and it’s a terrible place to be and thanks to the Stewardship Employment Ministry, I found and accepted a position about 6months ago. Happy days!

Just as so many others that were displaced, right-sized out, or let go, I hopped around from web site to web site, from employment agency to employment agency, self-proclaimed experts to whom ever. Not until my active participation in the Stewardship Employment Ministry did I feel any positive movement towards future employment.

The difference that you too will find is the personal accountability of Tom Nann and his supporting staff. You can find material on resumes, networking and interviewing anywhere but only as a member here will you get the feeling that there is a knowledgeable and caring person supporting you every step of the way.

I highly recommend the Stewardship Employment Ministry for everyone that is looking for employment or a change in career path.

Thanks to all those who have supported me in the past.

Deacon Mickey Hawkins, Director of Finance and Development
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church

I started coming to the Stewardship Ministry after a period of unemployment where I was receiving phone calls and interviews from my resume but was not able to secure a job from the leads. I figured my resume wasn’t my problem since it was providing me with leads and that there must be something about the way I interviewed that needed work. Coming for a few weeks regularly and going over the interview questions gave me a lot of insight into the current job market and interview process. I learned how the current job market is trying to weed out candidates and find the best candidate for the job.
I believe that the information taught at the Stewardship Ministry can and will help others find employment. While I was unemployed, I made it my “job” to find a job and the Stewardship Ministry helped me do just that. It helped me change the way I interviewed with companies and I ultimately secured a great job. I am now gainfully employed at a stable company within my field of expertise. In fact I was offered two positions because I impressed both managers during my interview process.

Chris Gillogly

Hi Tom,

As I mentioned yesterday evening, I have accepted a sales position with "Waterlogic", an international company that manufactures purified water dispensers, ice machines and other related products.

I want to sincerely thank you for the many valuable insights you have provided to me over the course of the past year, through your employment ministry, regarding how best to position myself in the job market. Your commitment to this ministry is beyond commendable. Your instruction provided hope to me and, I'm sure, to all who have taken your course. And, I am very grateful that your approach is framed under the guidance and auspices of our Catholic faith. That certainly makes it extra special and, to me, more meaningful.

I wanted to share with you some of the key points from your course that I found to be instrumental in assisting in my job search, leading to a job offer.....

  1. Comparative worksheet - I had never considered matching my qualifications to those that the prospective employer publishes and to use it in lieu of a cover letter. It makes so much sense and provides the prospective employer with clarity regarding the applicant's abilities at the very outset of the process. Excellent strategy!
  2. Ask clarifying questions in your interview - You emphasized over and over again the traps that prospective employers utilize to disqualify an individual. One of the most important points that I found from your course was the fact that the prospect should not answer questions at face value. It is much better to, respectfully, respond to an interviewer with one's own questions that clarify the intent of the interviewer's original question. The prospect's responses can - and should - be as precise as possible, without exposing weaknesses.
  3. Stay on the fence - What a great concept to approach a prospective employer with!! In other words, don't put yourself in a position whereby the prospective employer can exploit your weaknesses because of your answers.
  4. Always know your accomplishments - ....and be ready to share them with the prospective employer.
  5. The 1st question one should ask in an interview is...."where do I fit in with your philanthropic work"? You stressed the importance of making sure the prospective employer's culture is a good fit for the job prospect.
  6. You explicitly detailed the qualities that companies look for in an individual: leadership, initiative, managerial skills, persuasiveness, courage, persistence and intelligence.

There are many other details supporting the points I've detailed, above, that I garnered from your course, all of which are very valuable to a job prospect.

I want to sincerely express my gratitude to you for the time you give to folks such as myself, who are searching for gainful employment. I learned a lot and enjoyed the time spent together. May God continue to bless you and this very important ministry.

With my kindest regards,

Matt Mazur
Westerville, OH

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