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There are many models for assisting the unemployed. Many are ineffective and frankly impersonal. The Stewardship Employment Ministry is fundamentally different than today’s typical employment methodology by helping unite qualified and motivated employees with their next employer in need of their skills and abilities.

Large on-line job providers and resume experts as well as many head-hunters work to put out as many candidates and jobs opportunities as possible. They get paid to match applicant “A” with employer “B”. There is virtually no understanding of the candidate’s character, ability, motivation, or skill sets. Often, as well, there is little or no thought given to the employers and their company's culture. In short, they are just jobs, words on a piece of paper that describe a position or a candidate’s experience on a resume.

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Stewardship Employment Ministry (SEM) shifts the traditional employment paradigm. We start with the truth that all prospective job seekers have value and worth beyond just the history of their employment or work skills. We work in small classroom settings that enhances our ability to get to know them personally, keep them accountable for their own success and help them find fulfillment in their next job. We also keep it real and teach to only apply for a position for which they would be an ideal candidate. Moreover, they are trained to not apply for a job until they have thoroughly researched the company and the position. They are not casting a large net to see what they can get but instead they are intentionally researching a job or career opportunity that they desire. Therefore, they are more motivated than the average person seeking only a paycheck or stop gap position.

We often provide individual additional training as needed to treat each one with a special emphasis to their particular needs and abilities. In short, we prepare them to be ready, able and willing to start a new opportunity in the best possible position working with their unique job skills, motivations, emotional and psychological needs and abilities as best we can while they are transitioning to new career paths.

As an employer, you are no doubt looking for an employee who not only exhibits the job skills and experience desired but who is well-adjusted and motivated to work at your company in your posted position. SEM works diligently with all of its clients to development these same important attributes. We get to know them, work with them, and help them succeed in a well-rounded and realistic expectation for work. We are not overly concerned with how many people we serve but rather the quality of our candidates.

As a non-profit we are not paid by the numbers so we are not hurrying people through the process but investing in them as individual job seekers. Isn’t this the type of candidate you would like to meet? We save employers much time and effort on the front end of the hiring process. No wonder so many of our clients get placed in work so quickly and stay in the jobs they applied for.

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